GARDEN IDEAS:Front Cobblelock Driveway

The client for this garden wanted the old cobblelock style, and this is the nearest to it availalbe. You can’t buy old cobble any more and as you can see when the driveway is empty of cars there is a nice circle in the middle so it’s not just one piece of cobble. Around the edge we have a border as well. You can easily park three cars – it went from a one car driveway to a three car driveway in a matter of days.

We kept a bit of a grass border just to soften it as it was such a large area. The grass border area is very low maintenance for the owner, but does add that extra element that gives the garden character. It also gives an opportunity to further enhance the garden in the future.

This garden belonged to a home that had many car owners in it, so they needed all the space to park their cars. But if that situation changed and the kids moved out, it is possible to soften the look of the garden with potted plants. We have a wide selection in a variety of colours and sizes in the garden centre that can be used for this purpose.

This garden took four days to construct. This was largely because of the size of the cobblelock area of the driveway.The owner wanted a large space for parking.

All the materials in this garden are available to purchase through the Ashbrook Garden Centre, or if you would like us to build the garden for you the price is approximately 4,000 euro.

Drop in the Ashbrook Garden Centre and Landscaping, also known as the Ashbourne Garden Centre,  to purchase any materials displayed above (directions here), or call us if you would like to book a free garden design consultation on 0 1 8 3 5 4 3 8 1



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