Garden trellis ideas for your garden

If you’re looking for garden trellis ideas for your garden landscaping project, try our featured image for inspiration. A beautiful, pressure-treated softwood trellis can last for over 20 years in your garden, providing you with a wall of rose blooms or climbing flowers through the summer to brighten your mood as you leave in the morning, and welcome you home after a long days work. A beautiful trellis can also be used to screen off your garden from your neighbour’s, or simply to give your garden that feeling of intimacy—even after construction and without having planted or trained your climbers. It is a feature we often include in our garden landscaping projects.

If you look closely, you can see that this trellis incorporates a ‘roof’ at the top to encourage your climbers to grow laterally once they get to the top. Can you picture yourself sitting on a bench under this trellis when your climbing roses are in full bloom, and summer in all its glory? Wow!

Although beautiful in and of themselves, even the best garden trellis ideas are lacking something without the right climbing flowers. If we take roses as an example, it is possible to plant different-coloured roses underneath your trellis to give you wonderful variation in hues throughout the summer.

A beautiful garden trellis for your climbing plants (

A beautiful garden trellis for your climbing plants (

Cultivating roses is something of an art, requiring a lot of love and attention, and not a little hard work. Investing in a pair of leather gardening gloves and a good-quality secateurs can make your rose care more enjoyable. They are hungry plants too, and need regular and careful watering and feeding.

Climbing roses need to be ‘trained’, a kind of tough-love-programme which suggests the regularity of tying, bending and retying them in the correct positions on the trellis. Roses strive to climb vertically upwards, and if allowed to do so freely will shoot up…and produce a few meagre blooms at the very top! Bending each shoot over (gently) and training the plant to snake over and back across your trellis forces the main rose stem to send out lateral shoots, and these are the ones that will sprout buds and, eventually, beautiful blooms. This is what will give you that thick, luscious wall of flowers you’re looking for!
Not every rose has the ideal mix of characteristics for climbing, toughness to survive the frosty Irish spring, and the production of attractive blooms, so ask the team at Ashbrook for garden landscaping advice.

If your site is not too cold and windy, and you feel you would enjoy training and feeding roses over a number of years as they mature and thank you with rich crops of blooms, then the right garden trellis idea would be a huge asset to your garden. Your rose bushes might even be able to spare the odd bloom for that someone special!

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