Landscaping: Small Garden Fencing To Go Around a Garden

Often called picket fencing waist high garden fencing can be used for many purposes and can come in many designs. They can also be easily painted to match and contrast with the style of the home. We have a huge range in the Ashbrook Garden Centre, often called the Meath Garden Centre due to our size.

Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing

Some of the uses of a small garden fencing is:

  1. To keep pets from straying in to neighbouring gardens. A common problem in housing estates is pets straying into neighbouring gardens and leaving a mess behind them. Depending on the size of the dog small garden fencing can be enough to let the pet know his boundaries and stop him straying in to neighbouring properties.
  2. Small garden fencing can also be used to keep young children safe and away from the road. Parents of young children are often afraid to let them out to play because they fear once they let them out of their site the kids will get into trouble. Waist high garden fencing will keep young children safe while still allowing them to get out and enjoy the fresh air.
  3. There are many plants and shrubs in the garden centre that are a lovely compliment to garden fencing, and the fence can act as support, allowing the plant to reach that little bit higher. Garden fencing brings that extra compliment to a garden that allows the gardener to try new things and stretch the capacity of his garden that little bit more.
  4. A good thing with small garden fencing is that it doesn’t spoil the view. It also doesn’t give neighbours the impression that you are trying to shut yourself off, as a good chat can be had with the neighbours over an average sized picket fence.

As you can see there are many aspects to garden fencing and they fulfil many purposes. We have a huge range in the Ashbrook Garden Centre, sometimes referred to as the Meath Garden Centre due to our size. There are some pictures of our stock below, but if you want is not there please call us, it might be in stock!