Garden Sheds

The Garden Shed

In Ashbrook Garden Centre and Landscaping we have everything you might need to create the perfect garden design including a wide selection of Garden Sheds, and our landscaping team can even put everything together for you if you would like us to.

Most gardens have a shed these days to hold all the things that are necessary to care for and maintain the garden, not to mention bikes, old toys, fuel, and other things.

The requirements for Garden sheds also can include using it for a playroom, or for children to practice their music, or for a den for father! Some of them need to be wired for electricity and even plumbed for water.

The sheds can vary widely in size, colour, style and type of material they are constructed from. We pride ourselves in helping our customers to find the perfect shed to match their garden, and their needs.

In the area we are known as the Ashbourne Garden Centre, and Ashbourne and Ratoath has many variations of gardens that have different requirements for the garden shed. Some are terraced houses, and some are large stand alone homes, and some are semi-detached. If we dont have the perfect shed for you, within a few days we will have it ready for you.

We stock wooden sheds and metal sheds. One of the best things about metal sheds is that they require very little maintenance, while wooden ones first have to be treated with wood preserver (unless they’re pre-treated) and a garden-wood stain or paint, and then maintained with more coats from time to time to prevent the wood from rotting and warping.

Here are some examples of Garden Sheds we have installed for our customers:

  • The Dublin Football fan’s shed, click here
  • The metal garden shed, click here
  • Wooden Garden Shed, click here
  • A Garden Shed to match the colour of the fence, click here