Planters and Pots for the Garden

Planters and Pots

In Ashbrook Garden Centre and landscaping we have everything you may need for your gardening project including a huge selection of pots of every shape, colour and size to match any garden design. At Ashbrook we are the complete gardening solution, you can come to us with an idea you would like our skilled landscaping team to implement for you, or you can ask our advice on a project you plan to complete yourself. Either way we have a huge selection of planters and pots that are sure to meet your needs.

Planters and pots have become more popular in the garden centre in recent years because they are very well suited to apartment balconies, and also to driveways that have been designed for parking cars, not to mention large landscaping projects. Potted plants can really soften the look of a fully paved front garden and they are very easy to maintain and can bring seasonal variety.

Planters and pots are also very common for decorating patios or the rear or front entrance to a house.

In the area we are known as the Ashbourne Garden Centre, and in Ashbourne and Ratoath potted plants decorating the front and rear of peoples homes are very common.

Click here, for an example of a garden we created for a customer where the pots made a focal part of the garden. We consider the pots in this garden as a focal point in the whole garden. What do you think? All the pots in this example garden are available in the garden centre.

This unique garden also uses garden pots to soften the look of the garden and to add variety. We think it works very well and would love to hear your feedback.

The Garden Pottery plays a central element to this front garden we created for a customer. We even created a small patio to add focus to it! This customer didnt need extra parking like many of the front gardens we design these days, instead they wanted a beautiful space in front of their home.