Landscaping: Large Wooden Fencing And Its Many Uses

There is a huge range of styles and colours of Wooden Fencing available in the garden centre. You would be surprised at the variety of uses people have for garden fencing, and how they manage to make it a core feature of their garden.

A Landscaped Garden for the Family

A Landscaped Garden for the Family

Large Wooden Fencing is often used in the back garden as a soft way to separate one garden from the next. Concrete doesn’t have the same appeal as a wooden fencing and isn’t as versatile.

Another very common use of large wooden fencing is to block out noise. Your home could be near a busy road and the noise pollution would have the potential to ruin the pleasure you would otherwise get from your garden.

Wooden fencing is also a good support for many types of plants and shubs helping them reach new heights and adding an extra element to the garden.

Large wooden fencing can also be very suitable for keeping bigger pets from wondering into neighbours gardens.

There are many types of wooden fencing to match many types of needs. Some can be transparent, allowing the owner of the garden to see through them, to view a nice river, or parkland. Others can be used specifically to hide an eyesore. Your home may be near a busy path and you may just want to add a little bit of privacy so that you can enjoy your garden without neighbours, or strangers wondering by and looking in.

The most obvious reason for a wooden fencing is to mark the boundary of your property. In many new estates the boundary of the gardens are not clear as the landscaping is not yet mature. A simple garden fence can work wonders to prevent problems in the future.

As you can imagine there are many uses for wooden fencing and in our work as landscaping we use it in many ways every day. Below is a selection of garden fencing that we supply in Ashbrook Garden Centre. There is loads more in stock, so if you are looking for something specific please call in.